Speeding Offence Drink Driving conviction Custodial sentence
Caught Speeding ? Drink Driving ! Custodial Sentence
Do not assume that photographic or police evidence cannot be challenged. It can.
If you believe that any evidence is wrong, you should contact us immediately. To secure a conviction, the court has to be sure as to the accuracy of any evidence, that you were speeding. If this evidence fails to meet the required standards, we will argue before the court that there should be no conviction. If the court agrees with the argument you may well avoid a driving ban.

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In order to achieve a conviction for drink driving, the court has to be satisfied that all procedures have been followed correctly. Never forget that evidence can be challenged by a defendant who does not accept that he is guilty of drink driving or that there has been a significant failure by the police when carrying out the investigation. A detailed examination of the prosecution case can reveal defects to prevent a driving disqualification.

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Whilst one can never guarantee the outcome of any case, only serious offences or repeated offending tends to result in jail sentences. Otherwise, there is a raft of sentencing options which Judges are REQUIRED to consider as alternatives (Community Service / Probation / Good Behaviour deferral / Drug treatment options etc) and we will steer a course to assist you as best we can.

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